Afforestation Effects on Biochemical Soil Properties

A. Sepken Kaptanoğlu Berber, Shima Farasat, Ayten Namlı
3.784 1.816


In this study afforestation effects on physical, chemical and biological soil properties were investigated in 10 and 23 years old black pine plantations used as grassland previously versus bear area. The results were also evaluated in terms of different landscape positions and soil dephts.

Afforestration increased electrical conductivity and soil microbial respiration in 23 year old plantation; and decreased organic matter and β-glucosidase activity in both of 23 and 10 years old plantations. There was no significant difference in phosphatase activity. Soil reaction, total carbonates, organic matter,  β-glucosidase and CO2 evaluation were affected from different landscape positions. It is founded that carbonate, pH, and microbial respiration were higher in the south-facing slopes than those of north-facing slopes were; organic matter and β-glucosidase activity were higher in the north-facing slopes. A decrease in organic matter and an increase in phosphatase activity were determined with soil depth.


Afforestation, soil enzyme activity, microbial respiration.

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