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Land use effect on nitrogen and phosphorus fluxes into and from soil

Hüseyin Barış Tecimen
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Land use is recently being taken in consider among ecologists thus the global imbalances of biological and mineral aspects on earth raised and have been retaining since last century with births of undescribed and introduced problematic issues. One of the most threatening effect of those global problems is extinction of food and water resources.  Soil utilization, land management practices, source (land properties containing above and below ground resources) based features are the main marks of land use issue. Within this study, what extend does the land use change effect the nitrogen content in soil and freshwater systems, (ii) microbial agents’ effects on phosphorus sources, (iii) environmental threatens and anxieties of improper land use are questioned. The results revealed that, both nitrogen and phosphorus elemental cycles are interrupted by abrupt changes at land uses, while, sustainability of resource management and controls at microbial level might highly be subsidiary to solution of land use sourced degradations. 

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