European Wood NDT & NDE Research and Practical Applications

Türker Dündar, Ferenc Divos
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The pioneering studies on non-destructive testing (NDT) and evaluation (NDE) of wood have been introduced in early 20th century in Europe as it is in North America. Several improvements were recorded since then in NDT&NDE technologies with parallel to the development in wood industry.  A wide range of NDT technologies are currently being used successfully for evaluating wood and wood based materials in many areas from the inspection of artifacts to on-line production control in plants all over the world. Today, research and technology transfer efforts are underway throughout the world to further the development and use of nondestructive methods to address the many challenges that arise with using forest resources. This study aims to review the NDT/NDE research efforts and their practical applications being conducted in Europe that is significant contributors to the international research and development activities.


European wood NDT research, Wood structures, Urban trees, Industrial applications.

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