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Litter production, decomposition and nutrient release of woody tree species in Dhanaulti region of temperate forest in Gahwal Himalaya

Sushil Saha, G.S. Rajwar, Munesh Kumar, Kalidas Upadhaya
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The study has been carried out in Dhanaulity region of temperate forest of Garhwal Himalaya to underestnad litter production, their decodmpstion and concetraion of nutrients release by leaf litter at different altitudes. The results indicate that the litter production with altitude in each season reduced in order of Lower>middle>upper altitudes, while in each altitudes the seasonal llitter production reduced in order of summer>rainy>winter. The value of decomposition constant (k) was reduced as 0.0014, 0.0012 and 0.0007 at lower, upper, middle altitude respectively. The concentration of nutrients seasonally (irrespective altitude), potassium reduced from summar (0.92%), rainy (0.90%) and winter (0.84%) however, phosphorus shown reverse trend with potassium as summer (0.104%), rainy (0.108%) and winter (0.203%) where as nitrogen was highest in rainy (1.13%) followed by winter (1.11%) and summer (1.01%).  The nutrient concentration with altitude (irrespective season), potassium increased with increasing attitudes, whereas, phosphorus and nitrogen have not shown any trend with attitude.

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